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  1. Hi , Ive been looking at analysis and stats software . It is quite expensive as we are only a local community team . Was wondering if you knew of any cheap software that we could use to produce stats and Analysis . Or know if something we can use that won’t break the bank . Cheers

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    1. Hello Douglas, due to nature of your club i’d assume you’d need a service that would provide you with stats for your league/division. I might be wrong here, but I doubt any of companies that provide those go so deep into the football pyramid to actually have someone assigned to those matches and provide the stats.

      As far as analys’ go… all professional software is rather expensive as you are aware. There are services (in England, probably other places as well) that provide analysis’ per match basis but, again, due to your level I doubt it would be financially sound decision.

      Maybe the best option would be to search for young people within the club or local community who are already into it or someone who would be willing to do it. It takes only a camera and a tripod to film the match or training session for analysis purpose. Then you can pick the points and illustrate them in ordinary video editor or photoshop. It might not look as professional as real stuff but someone with a bit of training should be able to convey the message non the less.

      Let me know if you have any other questions. Cheers!


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