Inverted wing back

The first variant of inverted wingback use within a coordinated team move. Miguel Ángel Ramírez, coach of Independiente del Valle (Ecuador).

The CMR drops deep to drag the marker which creates space for the right wing-back to move inside. This pulls central defender out of position. Central forward drags away second CB allowing his teammate (CML) to receive the ball in half-space.

The analysis doesn’t mention the positioning of two wingers. They stay wide, stretching the backline which creates crucial space in the central corridor and half-spaces.



The second variant:

Depth is created by DM dropping deep between the center backs and the CML moving high in line with the CF. This allows the CF to drop deep creating space behind his back that is attacked by CMR. As the CMR drags away the marker, WB makes an inside run exploiting the space left by the CMR.


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